Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jay Leno Makes Inappropriate remarks

Jay Leno's reputation is taking a beating from the gay community after Ryan Phillippe (who was appearing to give publicity to his new movie Stop Loss) and him were discussing Phillippe's previous role on One Live to Live.   Leno said, Can you give me, like - say that camera is your gay lover... Can you give me your 'gayest look?' Say that camera is Billy Bob- Billy Bob has just ridden in shirtless from Wyoming."

"Wow" said Phillippe. "That is so something I don't want to do.  Are you just going to embarrass me tonight, or ?"

So people are getting back to Leno with their 'gaylest looks' at the newly created website, My Gayest Look at www.mygayestlook.com

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