Friday, April 18, 2008

I didn't feel the earthquake

It's looking like people in Chicago DID feel the earthquake. Maybe because I'm on the 16th floor I didn't feel a thing.. but also it could be because I drank at least 3- champagne cans last night and more tequila later...

A 5.2 magnitude earthquake jostled the Midwest at 4:37 this morning. Even though it's one of the strongest ever in Illinois, it's technically not that big of an earthquake, and no injuries or severe damage have been reported. The quake was centered in West Salem, about 230 miles from here, and people felt the tremors as far as 900 miles away.

According to the US Geological Survey, "moderately damaging" earthquakes occur in the Illinois Basin/Ozark Dome region every 10-20 years, with smaller earthquakes happening as often as twice a year. Midwestern earthquakes are felt over much bigger areas than Western earthquakes.
As in most other areas east of the Rockies, the best guide to earthquake hazards in the Illinois basin – Ozark dome region is the earthquakes themselves.

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